YouTube TV is finally getting the account switcher it has urgently needed

It’s great if you share your subscription with multiple people in your household

Streaming services have yet to completely take over live TV, and for those looking to bridge the gap, some platforms out there bring together the best of both worlds. YouTube TV allows you to enjoy the cord-cutting life while retaining access to live TV channels, streamed over the internet. Now a new update is making that experience a little more polished when you’ve got a houseful of multiple viewers, with the addition of a perhaps not revolutionary-looking, but still very much appreciated account picker.

YouTube TV users running the app on their TV will begin seeing a new account picker screen. It’s basically identical to the profile pickers most other modern streaming services already have — it’ll ask you “Who’s watching?” and give you a list of accounts to choose from, as well as an option to add another. It’s meant to be a more convenient way to let household members watch YouTube TV using their own accounts, instead of sharing a common one for everyone.


If you’re using the service for yourself, and you’re used to the way it works right now, it might feel like an extra unnecessary step when you’re starting the app, so if you’re wondering, you can disable it — just go to the “Settings” menu that’s right below the account picker. If you’re sharing the app with multiple people in the same household, though, this is probably a way better approach.

As for when you can expect this to arrive, YouTube says the feature should be “hitting your accounts gradually” — you’ll probably get it within the next few weeks.


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