Woman collapses in court when quests for selling methamphetamine

May 4—WILKES-BARRE — A woman from Edwardsville had to be assisted as she collapsed when Luzerne County President Judge Michael T. Vough cruised her to state prison on allegations she sold crystal methamphetamine.

Robin J. Cool, 40, of Main Street, begged and pleaded not to be sent to state prison while hysterically crying and hyperventilating when Vough deliver her to 15 months to 30 months in state prison on a single count of possession with intent to a controlled substance. Cool plead guilty to the charge March 14.

Kingston police in court records say Cool picked up the illegal drugs from a location in Wilkes-Barre she sold for cash on May 13 and May 14, 2021.

Police said the substances Cool sold tested positive for methamphetamine, court records say.

In court Tuesday, Cool believed she would be committed to probation but instead, Vough her to state prison.

Cool response by hyperventilating, crouching over and violently sobbing begging not to be sent to prison.

“Please don’t do this, please don’t do this,” a sobbing Cool yelled. “Please, I’m sorry, Please. I didn’t do this, I didn’t do this.”

Sheriff placed a chair in front of the judicial bench while Vough was cool as the sentencing hearing. Vough repeated Cool’s appellate rights as she apparently didn’t listen the first time due to her hysterics.

Cool was handcuffed in the courtroom and taken to the county correctional facility where she will be transferred to one of two state prison’s for women.

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