Who will play Kate Middleton on ‘The Crown’? Daisy Edgar-Jones is interested

The popular Netflix series “The Crown” is reportedly searching for an actor to play Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Could Daisy Edgar-Jones be the right person for the job?

While chatting with the English actor during the 3rd hour of TODAY on Wednesday, Sheinelle Jones told the 23-year-old “Normal People” star that social media users are buzzing about how great she’d be in the role of the former Kate Middleton . Edgar-Jones was flattered.

“Oh, my gosh, that’s the first I’ve heard of that,” she said. “That’s cool.”

The resemblance is uncanny, right? (Getty Images)

When asked if she would consider taking the role if the opportunity presented itself, the actor had a pretty telling response.

“I mean, I wouldn’t say no,” she said.

Andrew Garfield, who joined Edgar-Jones for the interview to discuss their new true crime series, “Under the Banner of Heaven,” egged on his co-star.

“You just committed to ‘The Crown,’” he said.

Al Roker also asked Edgar-Jones a cheeky question.

“Would it help if Andrew wore kind of a baldish wig as Prince William?” he said.

“Hey! Why’d you have to bring up his balding?” Garfield joked.

Casting directors with “The Crown” are looking for an actor to portray the duchess in Season Six of the show, according to Variety. Twitter users were quick to offer several recommendations based on physical appearances.

Aside from Edgar-Jones, social media users seemed to think that “Emily in Paris” star Lily Collins would be a great fit. Allison Williams was also on their short list.

“I’d vote Allison Williams,” Craig Melvin said.

“I’m sure she can do the accent,” Al agreed.

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