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Miami GP campus map

Miami GP campus map
Screenshot: Miami Grand Prix

In just three days, Formula One cars will hit the track at the Miami International Autodrome (or: the parking lot of the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida). I’m boarding a plane bright and early tomorrow morning to get there early, which means it’s that time again: What do you want to know about the Miami Grand Prix?

This is a brand new track, which means that it’s a relative unknown in the Formula One sphere. We do know a few things, like the fact that tickets were extortionately priced and that local Miami Gardens residents have no interest in playing host to a race. We know that there’s some sort of yacht-filled marina. But we don’t know a whole lot more.

That’s why I’m here. Consider me your eyes and ears on the ground. If you’ve been wondering about something, I’ll find you an answer. Wondering what the food is like at the track? I’m on it. Curious if there’s actually going to be water in that fake marina? I’ll find out — and I’ll even measure its depth for you. Want to know more about the track itself or the parties taking place around the race? Curious about the celebrities? Are you planning on attending the race in the future and want to know the best place to sit? Do you just want to know if there are any carnival rides? Are you wondering how locals are responding to the race, or how F1 personnel have responded to their criticisms? I’ve got you covered. Ask away!

Further, I’m also going to be attending some VIP-heavy parties at the Red Bull Guest Housewhich will be my first-ever experience doing something fancy during a Grand Prix weekend (aside from the time my friends and I decided to go to a fancy VIP dinner after the Canadian Grand Prix and later wept as we received the check; let this be your warning that if prices are not readily available, you cannot afford it). Do you want the inside scoop on what it’s like for a little behind-the-scenes action? Trust me: I’m here.

And if you’re in Miami — let me know! Jalopnik isn’t organizing any formal meetups for this event because I am frankly swamped with scheduling conflicts as it is, but I’m happy to come say hello to anyone I can find!


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