Wack 100 Believes Tory Lanez Is “The Real Victim” in Megan Thee Stallion Shooting Trial

No one has been able to fully allow the Megan Thee Stalin and Tory Lanez shooting case to play out on his own in quiet. The conversation surrounding the shooting has resurfaced as Megan Thee Stallion recently did an interview with Gayle King where she details her experience on what took place the night she was shot in both of her feet.

Since clips of the interview have made their rounds on the internet, some social media users and influencers have no shame in questioning the validity of the Texas native’s claims, including Wack 100, manager of Blueface Baby.

“Not only did we say you lied ‘YOU’ said ‘YOU’ lied. Now it went from saying you stepped on glass to a gun shot to the foot to I didn’t want them to kill any of us!! I’m crying for @torylanez the REAL VICTIM,” he penned on Instagram. “All this needs to stop no DNA or prints on the gun and she’s still going. Guess we can call it the little boy that cried wolf. After all a #Stallion is a #Colt at birth right!! Hope that didn’t go over ya heads.”

A social media user responded to Wack’s beliefs stating that Kelsey, the other woman involved in the shooting case, could have been the alleged shooter. “Finally somebody with a brain,” Wack 100 would respond.

There could be some questioning on the validity of Wack 100’s statement as recent reports reveal that Kelsey texted Megan Thee Stallion’s security guard, informing them that “Tory shot Meg.”

The case is still ongoing. Check out the interview below.

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