UN says 101 people evacuated from Mariupol steel plant

GENEVA, May 3 (Reuters) – A UN humanitarian official said on Tuesday that it had successfully evacuated some 101 people from the Azovstal steel plant, saying that most of the evacuees were in Zaporizhzhia, where they are receiving humanitarian assistance.

“Thanks to the operation, 101 women, men, children, and older persons could finally leave the bunkers below the Azovstal steelworks and see the daylight after two months,” Osnat Lubrani, UN humanitarian coordinator for Ukraine, said in a statement sent to .

The International Committee of the Red Cross, which was also involved in the safe passage operation, released a parallel statement saying some 100 people from the Mariupol plant area had reached Zaporizhzhia on Tuesday. Among them were some wounded, it added. (Reporting by Emma Farge, Editing by Miranda Murray)

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