Tyson Fury’s wife reveals ‘only reason’ that would make him come out of retirement

Tyson Fury’s wife Paris says a unification fight is the “only reason” her husband would come out of retirement.

Fury announced he was hanging up his gloves after defeating Dillian Whyte at Wembley Stadium on Saturday. But Paris is aware of Fury’s ambitions to be the undisputed champion as well as undefeated. Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk are fighting in a rematch and the winner of the bout could face Fury in a unification fight.

“I know in my heart the only reason Tyson would come back is for a unification fight,” Paris told BT Sport. “That would be the only reason because there’s nothing left for him.”

The rematch between Joshua and Usyk is reportedly set for July and so it could be a brief retirement for Fury.

He cited spending time with the family as the reason as to why he is stepping away from boxing and Paris also said she wants him at home.

“The world has seen him do enough. He’s the best and proved it again,” she told talkSPORT.

Asked if she wants to stop Paris replied: “Yes. I don’t enjoy this one bit, the celebratory bit is great but whole build up and fight is a horrible experience to be in.

“I’d rather he be home now. He’s got nothing else to prove in this whole world.”

Many may have thought a big pay day for Fury could have lured him back in but he was clear in his post fight press conference that boxing isn’t about the money for him.

“I’ve enjoyed my career,” Fury said. “It’s been a fantastic career and I’m 34 at the minute and every good dog has its day.

“There’s a lot of money to be earned but for me, I’ve come from f*** all, I’ve come from nothing. It’s never been about money, I’m not a money person, I drive around in an 07′ Passat.

“I don’t care what I’ve got, it’s never been about money to me. I know a lot of people with money, big money, but none of them are happy, not one of them and I know money can’t make happiness.

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