Stephen A. Smith Playfully Claps Back At Jamie Foxx

Stephen A. Smith has responded to critical comments made by actor and comedian Jamie Foxx concerning Smith’s previous comments about Brooklyn Nets star Ben Simmons. Foxx’s defense of Simmons came after the First Take host declares the inactive athlete “weak and pathetic” during a television segment on Monday (April 25).

Smith, who referred to Foxx as a “brother,” shot back at the Oscar winner on Tuesday (April 26) by jokingly questioning the validity of Foxx’s stance due to the fact he’s a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, a team Smith notoriously loathes.

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“I would caution everyone to understand Jamie Foxx has no credibility when it comes to sports,” Smith said during the segment on ESPN’s First Take. “You do know why, right? He’s a [Dallas] Cowboys fan. He has no credibility.” He also commended Foxx’s intent, attributing his comments to his history of coming to the defense of Black athletes. “Jamie Foxx knows better. He’s just highly protective of the Black athletes, as he should be, because they deserve our protection, to be quite honest with you, in a lot of situations.”

Yet, Smith refuted Foxx’s assertion that he has a track record of double standards when it comes to his commentary about Black sports figures and their white counterparts. In his response, Smith noted critical comments he’s made about Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr and former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow in the past. Further doubling down on his initial critique of Simmons, Smith added that his prediction that Simmons would not play in the Nets’ Game 4 matchup against the Boston Celtics in their 1st round NBA playoffs series was proven to be true, as the former No. 1 overall pick did not appear in the Nets’ 116-112 loss on Monday night (April 25).

“And what is their explanation? It’s mental health, again,” Smith said of Simmons’ handlers. “I thought it was his back. It’s all over the place. What I’m saying is, when you point those things out, and you talk about how egregious or pathetic it is, that’s it. It is what it is.”

Watch Stephen A. Smith’s response to Jamie Foxx below.

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