Search underway for suspected thief who has very large, very hairy feet in Georgia

A strange police search is underway in Georgia, for a prowler who appears to have monstrous hairy feet and claw-like toenails.

The man — and his fuzzy feet — were recorded by a surveillance camera at 2 am Monday, April 25, during the commission of an absurd crime, according to the Jackson Police Department.

A grown man stole a child’s 4-wheeler, police said in a release.

The theft happened in the Pepperton Villas apartment community and investigators say returning the vehicle would “make the little girl’s day.” Jackson is about 40 miles northwest of downtown Macon.

Police shared the video on Facebook, and it suggests the man wore a comfy pair of animal paw house slippers while out taking toys from children.

Commenters on social media quickly began giving the suspect snappy names, including “Dumb Feet” and the “Bigfoot House Slipper Bandit.”

Some speculated the guy’s penchant for odd footwear might also be what gets him away.

“I couldn’t stop looking at them,” one commenter wrote on Facebook.

“Dummy. He won’t be hard to spot,” a woman said.

“Bigfoot done stole something,” another posted.

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