Russian missile strikes on Odesa are an attempt to secure a victory in time for 9 May

Svitlana Kizilova – Wednesday, 27 April 2022, 21:13 Russian troops continue carrying out missile strikes on Odesa Region in an attempt to secure a military success by 9 May [9 May is widely celebrated as Victory Day in the Russian Federation and holds particular significance for Russian President Vladimir Putin]. Source: Maksym Marchenko, Head of Odesa Regional Military Administration, on Telegram Details: On 27 April Russian troops carried out another missile strike on the bridge over the Dniester estuary in Zatoka. The bridge is currently not in use, repair works are underway. According to Marchenko: “The enemy continues trying to disrupt the logistical connections between different parts of the [Odesa] Region and to inflict damage on our country’s industry. It’s that right now the ruscist army is suffering huge losses on all fronts, and the occupiers desperately need to “sell” their people even a small “victory” in time for 9 May. That is why they are relentlessly carrying out missile strikes on our region and attempting to destabilise the situation at the border. But the only thing they will find here is a place at the bottom of the sea, next to the Moskva flagship.” Background: On Tuesday and Wednesday the Russian army carried out two missile strikes on the road and rail bridge over the Dniester estuary in Zatoka, Odesa Region [Ukrainian Railways] suspended local trains to Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi due to the damage.

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