REVIEW: ‘Ozark’ Goes Out With A Bang After Four Incredible Seasons On Netflix

“Ozark” is officially over, and I loved the ending.

I spent all day Saturday crushing part two of season four, and from the moment I fired it up, I couldn’t stop watching. I literally watched all seven new episodes in one sitting. (REVIEW: ‘Westworld‘ Season 3 Ends With The Possible Deaths Of Multiple Characters)

Yes, there was some beer consumed along the way, but other than trips to the kitchen for food and refills, I didn’t do anything all day. It was glorious!

Now, there are going to be some serious spoilers below. Usually, I like to keep these reviews and recaps mostly free of spoilers, but seeing as how this is the end of the road for “Ozark,” I’m diving in.

Stop reading if you haven’t finished the series yet! Okay, let’s roll.

Let’s start with Ruth’s death in the series finale. Ever since Javi whacked Darlene and Wyatt, we knew payback was coming and we got it very quickly.

Ruth smoked him right in front of Marty, Wendy and that medical executive, who eventually ratted to Javi’s mother. Despite the fact Ruth was going as legit as she ever would and was finally winning life, she couldn’t outrun fate.

In many ways, that’s the tragedy of her story arc. Even though she seemed to be done with her demons, her demons and her past weren’t done with her. In the final episode, everything seemed so hopeful and optimism, but you could just sense something was going to go wrong.

Well, Javi’s mother put a bullet in Ruth and just like that, one of our favorite characters in Netflix history hit the dirt.

As for the Byrde family, their ending was also rather poetic and tied everything together from season one. We all know the Byrde family was never going to get out clean.

The annoying private detective finally had proof that Wendy’s brother had been killed, and when he refused to be paid off, Jonah shot. At least, this is what we assume happened because the screen went black a second before we heard the blast.

This was a perfect callback to Jonah contemplating having to shoot someone in season one and to their hold housemate blasting that cartel guy.

It also goes to show that no matter how much you might want to move on, your past isn’t done with you! Now, Jonah is every bit down that path as his parents.

All the way around, I couldn’t have loved the ending any more than I did. It was perfect and after four seasons, “Ozark” rode off into the sunset in style.

We’d never seen a show like it before, and I’m not sure we’ll see one like it in the near future. It was suspenseful, engaging, funny and one hell of an adrenaline-filled ride. Props to Jason Bateman for the performance of a lifetime and to everyone else for giving us an awesome series. There’s no doubt I’m going to miss it!

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