Putin still insists that all of Russias goals in war with Ukraine will be fulfilled

KATERYNA TYSHCHENKO – WEDNESDAY, 27 APRIL, 2022, 17:04 Russian President Vladimir Putin has insisted, again, that all the goals of Russia’s war against Ukraine – what he calls a “special military operation” – will be fulfilled. Source: Vladimir Putin, to the Council of Legislators of the Russian Federation, Interfax report Quote: “I want to emphasise again that all the goals of the special military operation that we are in Donbas and Ukraine, launched on 24 February, will obviously be fulfilled to ensure the security of the residents of Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, Russian Crimea, and our country.” Details: Putin also assured the audience that the Russian military, by starting the war against Ukraine, allegedly “prevented the real danger that was already looming” over Russia, as well as “prevented a large-scale conflict that would unfold on our territory, but according to someone else’s scenarios.” “The forces that have historically pursued and are pursuing a course to deter Russia […] do not need such an independent, large, this huge – in their view – country. They believe that it is a danger to them simply because of its existence. Although it is far from reality. They are a danger to the whole world,” he said. Putin also said that the attempt to suppress Russia economically had failed. Also, according to him, “Russia’s enemies […] forced the production of new geopolitical weapons.” “Actually, it is not new, but, of course, [they] gave it new strength, new impetus, relying on the Russophobia of neo-Nazis. From year to year brazenly, unceremoniously turned our neighbor country – Ukraine – into anti-Russia,” said the president of the aggressor country.

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