New Kingdom Hearts 4 Update Reveals New Details

Following his announcement and reveal earlier this month, Square Enix has provided a new update on Kingdom Hearts 4, and consequently, it has provided new details. The new details come of Famitsu, and unfortunately, are light on details of the salient variety. And unfortunately, they are going to be the only details we get for a while, as it’s noted that Square Enix is ​​focused on game development, and thus a new update won’t be shared for a while. When the game does resurface, Square Enix teases that fans will get to see it running on Unreal Engine 5, the latest iteration of Unreal Engine, and an upgrade to Kingdom Hearts 3’s Unreal Engine 4 usage.

What details aren’t included are any details on platforms or a release date. Meanwhile, there’s also no word on what worlds will be featured, a question many players have had according to Google search results. That said, there are more details than what’s above, all of which you can read about below, courtesy of Xenosaga. That said, remember all of this information comes through a leak and through translation. When things are translated from Japanese to English, meaning and vital context can be lost in the process.

Kingdom Hearts is in active development at Square Enix. There’s currently no word of a release window, let alone a release date, nor platforms.

“Sora is an original Disney video game hero like no other, beloved by our team, and fans across the world,” said Walt Disney Games director Nana Gadd at the time of the game’s announcement. “We’ve been honored to work with Tetsuya Nomura and his team for two decades to introduce these original stories of discovery, courage, and friendship. This glimpse into Sora’s next adventure is just the beginning-we can’t wait to show more when the time is right.”

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