Mets and Cardinals have benches-clearing brawl in St. Louis

Mets and Cardinals brawl screenshot

The Mets and Cardinals cleared benches and got into a scrum on Wednesday afternoon in St. Louis.

What caused it you might ask? Well, what else than another Met being hit in the game. Genesis Cabreraon a 3-2 pitch in the top of the eighth inning, threw a fastball directly into JD Davis‘ foot and he had to come out of the game because of it.

The next inning, Yoan Lopez‘s first pitch for the Mets was up and in on Nolan Arenadoand he immediately took exception, screaming at Lopez, and the benches cleared shortly after.

Arenado was eventually ejected from the game after the scrum was separated, though Lopez was able to continue pitching.

The Mets have now been hit by a pitch 19 times in 20 games.

Both of these teams also play again very soon, as the Cardinals are scheduled to travel to Queens for a May 16-19 series.

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