Kewaunee County CAFO sues over animal limits, water monitoring rules

A Kewaunee County factory farm is suing the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources over recent changes to its wastewater permit that requires the operation to limit its herd size and begin monitoring groundwater in an area known for widespread nitrate contamination.

Kinnard Farms filed a petition in Kewaunee County Circuit Court asking that the DNR’s permit terms be altered and contending the business will be harmed if it is not allowed to grow its herd size and by the requirement to pay for a groundwater monitoring system.

Kinnard Farms is one of Wisconsin’s largest dairy farms. Kewaunee County, in northeastern Wisconsin, is home to 16 industrial farms and has been struggling with agricultural pollution for years after testing showed levels of contaminants in residents’ private drinking water wells. The farms are known as CAFOs, concentrated animal feeding operations.

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