Hulk’s Most Powerful Punch Blew Apart Marvel’s Entire Universe

Marvel Comics is reminding readers that Hulk’s most powerful punch blew apart the Marvel Universe and changed the status quo.

Warning! Spoilers for Hulk: Grand Design – Madness #2 by Marvel Comics

The Hulk’s Most epic punch is being retold in a new story that shows how the Jade Giant changed the Marvel Universe with a single swing. In Hulk: Grand Design – Madness #2 by Marvel Comics, the Hulk’s battle against Onslaught is retold in a condensed story. The comic reminds readers that after the Hulk took down the psychic villain, the Marvel Universe blew apart as a result, only to be saved thanks to Franklin Richards.

The villain Onslaught made his comic book debut in X-Men #53 and was created by Mark Waid, Scott Lobdell, and Andy Kubert. The entity formed around the combined consciousness of Professor X and Magneto while having their incredible powers and the abilities of Franklin Richards and Nate Gray. In the Marvel Comics saga, Onslaught took over the Hulk’s mind, which the hero later broke free of. In the last stand against the psychic villain, Hulk joined Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (and Doctor Doom) to stop him, resulting in an epic battle that changed the Marvel Universe.


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In Hulk: Grand Design – Madness #2 by Marvel Comics by Jim Rugg, the talented artist and writer retells years of the Jade Giant’s history in a condensed story. In his look at the Hulk’s battle against Onslaught, he reminds readers that Hulk sacrificed his human side and had Jean Gray erase Bruce Banner from his head to embrace his rage fully. Then, when unleashed against Onslaught, he punched the villain so hard the universe exploded, and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes were no more.

Hulk Grand Design Onslaught

The Hulk’s punch defeated Onslaught but would lead to the events of Heroes Reborn. Instead of being killed in the subsequent explosion, Franklin Richards would take the heroes involved in the last stand against Onslaught and place them in a pocket dimension called Counter-Earth. It was a way for Marvel Comics to take their most iconic heroes in new directions under the eyes of Rob Liefeld and Jim Lee. Unfortunately, despite resetting the status quo for many Marvel Comics characters, the event wasn’t well-received and was later reset.

Rugg’s art and condensed storyline make Hulk’s defeat of Onslaught look more epic than ever before. The comic reminds readers that the Hulk (with the help of Franklin Richards) changed the Marvel Universe in a near-unimaginable way with a punch. It’s an important moment for the hero that’s been somewhat forgotten over time. The new story retells the fight from an accessible, Hulk-focused perspective, which does the character’s punch justice. Hulk: Grand Design – Madness #2 by Marvel Comics is now available in comic book stores and online retailers.

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