Gallery: Check Out This Stunning Kirby Collection On The Series’ 30th Anniversary

Image: Nintendo Life / Gemma Smith

Kirby’s very first game — Kirby’s Dream Land for Game Boy — appeared in Japan on 27th April 1992, which means today marks 30 years since HAL Laboratory’s loveable pink marshmallow first sucked up our hearts.

With the release of the marvelous Kirby and the Forgotten Land, the little guy hasn’t been short of attention recently and some incredible 30th anniversary tributes have been flooding social media over the past day or so, including from Kirby creator Masahiro Sakurai.

We’re fortunate enough here at Nintendo Life to count among our ranks one of Kirby’s biggest fans — Gemma, our amazing Community Manager. She’s got an extensive Kirby collection and for this most celebratory of days we asked her to take a snap or two of some Kirby-themed games, consoles, accessories and assorted items… and my word, she didn’t disappoint!

Below you’ll find a selection of our favorite photos. And don’t forget, if you’re looking to celebrate Kirby’s 30th with more than just eye-meltingly lovely images, we’ve got some meaty Kirby coverage elsewhere, too:

Okay, time to sit back and let these epic pics massage your eyeballs…

Not bad, huh? How much more pink could we cram in this article? None, none more pink — that’s how much. It’s glorious!

Feel free to let us know your favorite Kirby item from those above in the usual place, and share with us your most treasured Kirby-themed possession. Happy Kirbday!


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