Emma Raducanu through to third round of Madrid Open after dispatching Marta Kostyuk

Emma Raducanu celebrates a dominant win – Getty

04:12 PM

On top

Raducanu powers a shot - Getty

Raducanu powers a shot – Getty

04:11 PM

A tough afternoon for the opponent

Marta Kostyuk of Ukraine - Getty

Marta Kostyuk of Ukraine – Getty

04:06 PM

That’s the best

she has played since the US Open, she looks in great touch, power and movement are good, clinical but enjoying herself. Hopefully she can go well here.

04:03 PM

Emma Raducanu wins 6-2 6-1

Really impressive from Emma Raducanu.

“Definitely very happy with my performance. I knew she would be a tough battle, I tried to play really aggressive. It’s pretty funny, it is my first clay court season, Madrid is a great city and it has such a cool vibe. I want to stay here as long as possible.

“First clay court season, nothing to lose. Any more match is a bonus. I am just vibing here, to be honest. I am loving it. I have found joy in the process of getting knocked back down and getting up again. have been trying to hit a lot of drop shots and it is beginning to pay off. I am enjoying it here.”

04:03 PM

Raducanu 6-1 Kostyuk* (*denotes server) Raducanu won first set 6-2

Poor Kostyuk under the pump in this one as well. It’s 15-40. She gets it to deuce but there’s only one woman in this match right now and a combo of double fault and Raducanu excellence mean that Emma won’t need another service. Another break, and it is GSM Emma Raducanu.

03:54 PM

Raducanu* 5-1 Kostyuk (*denotes server) Raducanu won first set 6-2

Wild forehand from Emma gives away the first point, and now Kostyuk gets after the Raducanu second serve. 0-30. But a couple of iffy returns from Kostyuk and it’s 30-30. Ace gives her the next point, and she has taken control of the next rally. However, with the game on a plate, she puts a simple volley into the net. It’s deuce. Wraps this game up with a little bit of help from the net cord and is now just a game away.

Emma Raducanu vs Marta Kostyuk live: score and latest match updates from the Madrid Open.  - GETTY IMAGES

Emma Raducanu vs Marta Kostyuk live: score and latest match updates from the Madrid Open. – GETTY IMAGES

03:52 PM

Raducanu 4-1 Kostyuk * (*denotes server) Raducanu won first set 6-2

Kostyuk holds her serve for the first time this set.

03:51 PM

Raducanu* 4-0 Kostyuk (*denotes server) Raducanu won first set 6-2

Raducanu has got her forehand working nicely. Second serve ace down the center now! Nicely done. Holds that game.

03:41 PM

Raducanu 3-0 Kostyuk * (*denotes server) Raducanu won first set 6-2

Unable to get her first serve in, and overpowered on the groundstroke exchanges, Kostyuk is struggling again in her service game. She wins a point and raises her arms in ironic celebration. Best point for a while though at 15-30 as Kostyuk moves Raducanu around, good defense and then a nice drop shot to take control, a 21-shot rally goes the way of the Ukraine player. Thumping return at 30-30 from Raducanu and she has another break point. Kostyuk saves that with power and grace. Deuce. It looks like Kostyuk will be okay, but Emma saves a game point, and now Kostyuk has double faulted again. Her second service looks a real weakness, and a forehand slapped into the net gives Raducanu a second break.

03:38 PM

Raducanu* 2-0 Kostyuk (*denotes server) Raducanu won first set 6-2

It’s unforced error after unforced error for the Ukrainian player at the moment. Emma breezing through this second game, Kostyuk looks a opponent.

03:36 PM

Raducanu 1-0 Kostyuk * (*denotes server) Raducanu won first set 6-2

It’s 15-40 as Kostyuk double faults, a weak second serve flumping into the net. And now a basic groundstroke goes awry and Raducanu is gifted a break.

03:34 PM

The players come out

for the second set. Kostyuk will serve. She needs to hope that ER comes off her level I guess.

03:30 PM

Emma Raducanu

Wins the first set with real style. Annabel Croft: “striking it with great authority, taking the breath away from the opponent.”

03:29 PM

Raducanu* 6-2 Kostyuk (*denotes server)

Emma now serving for the first set…and she does so with the minimum of fuss, winning the game to love.

03:26 PM

Raducanu 5-2 Kostyuk* (*denotes server)

Raducanu is hurrying Kostyuk well at the moment and forcing the errors. A wayward backhand gives Emma a 0-30 advantage, another botched backhand – this one long – gives Raducanu three break points.

She needs all three but does secure a second break after the point of the match so far – Raducanu coming out on top in a fine rally that ends with a Kostyuk error at the net.

03:22 PM

Raducanu* 4-2 Kostyuk (*denotes server)

Having won previous service games to love Raducanu is under pressure here a 0-30. But she shows grit to get it to 30-30 and then next point bullies Kostyuk from the baseline to earn a service point. From there she holds – that was the first test on service passed with flying colors from the Briton.

03:18 PM

Raducanu 3-2 Kostyuk* (*denotes server)

Kostyuk is a feisty competitor and illustrates that here – coming into the net and trying to dominate the rallies.

This is a good watch so far. The Ukrainian is making more errors but a delicate drop shot at the net earns her the game – holding to 30.

Kostyuk clearly has the firepower to take on an aggressive Raducanu.

03:14 PM

Raducanu* 3-1 Kostyuk (*denotes server)

Another impressive service game from Raducanu – she holds to love (again). Her serve looks as good as it’s been for a long time.

03:11 PM

Raducanu 2-1 Kostyuk* (*denotes server)

Better from Kostyuk as she gets to a 30-0 lead. But Raducanu is putting pressure on the second serve and it’s soon 30-30. A long forehand from the Ukrainian gives Emma another glimpse of a break, making it deuce.

A drop shot, helped over by the net, gives Raducanu a break point. Kostyuk saves that well and soon has advantage but Emma isn’t backing off on these baseline exchanges and a blistering backhand gets the score back to deuce.

But the Ukrainian, who is matching Raducanu’s power, holds well – a crucial hold for Kostyuk.

03:05 PM

Raducanu* 2-0 Kostyuk (*denotes server)

Impressive first service game from Raducanu – she holds to love thanks to some fine first serves and powerful, aggressive groundstrokes.

A brilliant, fast start from Emma – a statement of intent and she’s started this match the way she ended the win over Martincova.

03:03 PM

Raducanu 1-0 Kostyuk* (*denotes server)

A fine first point for Raducanu sees her hit a forehand winner. She’s soon up 0-30 but Kostyuk can hit fine forehands as well and a winner down the line gets it back to 30-30.

From there the Ukrainian earns a service point but a long forehand gets it to deuce. The early pressure from Raducanu then earns her a break point, but a long backhand returns the score to deuce.

Another forehand winner down the line earns Emma a second break point and from there she makes no mistake to break in the first game of the match.

Perfect start.

02:54 PM

The players are out on court now

And the start isn’t far away.

02:49 PM

A reminder of that brilliant win over Martincova on Friday

It was hugely impressive as she won 11 of the last 12 games.

READ: Emma Raducanu goes it alone in Madrid with display of true grit on clay

02:45 PM

Raducanu is due on court in the next few minutes

So not long to wait now.

02:44 PM

While we wait for Raducanu to get on court

Here’s a lovely read (and reminder of just how far Emma has come these past 12 months) from Simon Briggs.

READ: Exam hall to tennis stardom: Emma Raducanu reflects on an amazing year

02:41 PM

Here’s one of the many highlights

From what was arguably Raducanu’s best performance since the US Open as she beat Martincova in straight sets having been 5-2 in the first on Friday.

02:31 PM

While you’re taking in that great win for Jack Draper

Here’s a good read on the young Briton by our very own Simon Briggs.

READ: Jack Draper interview: Meet the Emma Raducanu-inspired 20-year-old fast making a name for himself

Jack Draper won his first senior tour match on clay against world No.27 Lorenzo Sonego - GETTY IMAGES

Jack Draper won his first senior tour match on clay against world No.27 Lorenzo Sonego – GETTY IMAGES

02:26 PM

Big news for British tennis already today from Madrid

02:25 PM

Who is Marta Kostyuk?

The Ukrainian is ranked No.60 in the world, but was as high as 49th back in February. She has no singles title to her name but got to the round of 16 at last year’s French Open.

The pair have faced each other before – Kostyuk coming out on top 6-2, 6-1 in the quarter-finals of the Transylvania Open last October.

You can read abut that defeat for the Briton here – Error-strewn Emma Raducanu outplayed in Transylvania Open quarter-final by Marta Kostyuk

Marta Kostyuk   - GETTY IMAGES

Marta Kostyuk – GETTY IMAGES

09:30 AM

Hello and welcome to Telegraph Sport’s live coverage of Emma Raducanu vs Martya Kostyuk

By Simon Briggs

Emma Raducanu’s clay-court season this year has started impressively. Her tally to date stands at four wins from six matches, while she pushed world No1 Iga Swiatek closer than most in Stuttgart ten days ago.

Part of the credit should go to Louis Cayer. A long-serving LTA coach with Canadian roots, Cayer spent a week tightening up her technique – especially on the serve – in early April. The 68-year-old is now being listed as a “technical consultant” on Raducanu’s team, and has become the most influential individual in her loose collection of allies.

Yesterday in Madrid, Cayer sat with Raducanu to run through the analysis of her win over Martincova. His sophisticated Dartfish tagging system allows you to call up every backhand winner hit down the line on the third shot of a rally – or whatever you might want. However, Cayer’s main focus is still the men’s doubles, where Putney’s Joe Salisbury stands at No1 in the rankings, while Liverpool’s Neil Skupski is rising fast.

Today, Raducanu will face Martya Kostyuk – a fellow 2002 baby – who spoke to CNN this week about the challenges of being a Ukrainian on the tennis tour. Kostyuk has clearly been struggling, as anyone in her position would, and she said that one of her fellow players had lost a parent in the bombing.

Kostyuk also added that she started working with a psychologist two weeks ago to try to handle her “scary” thoughts, but that she sometimes wonders “What’s the point, where it’s all going? It’s never-ending like what should I do with my life now? What am I living for?”

Meanwhile, L’Equipe reported yesterday that a group of Russian and Belarusian players had hired a Parisian lawyer specializing in discrimination and human rights to make representations to Wimbledon. The initial contact was reported to be “conciliatory”, while the report added that legal action is also being considered.

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