Elon Musk receives multiple death threats after purchasing Twitter

Following his purchase of Twitter, Elon Musk, who is no stranger to criticism, has faced dozens, if not hundreds of death threats and countless more wishing bad things to happen to him. And it’s all because he supports free speech.

As Rebel News reported earlier WednesdayMusk has been accused of promoting misogyny, homophobia, and other “-isms” for his acquisition of the platform, which his critics in the mainstream media say is dangerous to democracy due to his advocacy for free speech.

As Twitter user Dataracer posted, here are some of the death threats Elon Musk is getting after buying Twitter.

Musk should count himself fortunate that being the world’s richest man, he can most certainly afford security and contempt to ensure his safety, given his now prominent position as the world’s most hated man who isn’t Russian President Vladimir Putin.

We can observe that many of the death threats sent to Musk come from those with pronouns in their bios, and whose timelines are filled to the brim with leftist activism.

Despite the torrent of hate Musk is receiving from some of Twitter’s more radical users, numerous articles have targeted the billionaire with accusations of harassment due to his remarks about the platform’s prior censorship of the New York Post‘s report on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The Washington Post on Wednesday claimed that Musk’s criticism of the company’s executives has prompted a host of online attacks against its workers.

The article’s author, Elizabeth Dwoskin, wrote, “two days into Musk buying Twitter, he is using his megaphone to help target Twitter employees, prompting a barrage of attacks (including racist ones) from his fans. Twitter workers have repeatedly asked management for protection from this scenario.”

The publication had little to say about the harassment Musk is facing, not just from radical members of the general public, but from politicians like Elizabeth Warren and others who have called him a threat to democracy.

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