Elden Ring Player Finally Beats Tree Sentinel After Trying for Six Hours

An Elden Ring player beats the Tree Sentinel boss at the beginning of the game after six hours due to a challenge proposed by their friend.

Elden Ring is filled with many memorable and challenging boss fights. It features the highest number of bosses in any FromSoftware game, and many of them have developed a fan following of sorts. While most of the challenging fights are reserved for the endgame of Elden Ringone noteworthy boss is found right at the beginning.

The Tree Sentinel is one of Elden Ring‘s most famous bosses. Players encounter him multiple times throughout the game, but most players will come across a Tree Sentinel near the first Site of Grace in the opening region of Limgrave. He is incredibly strong, and players are supposed to level up and get better gear before coming back to defeat him. However, some players consider this fight as a test of their skills.


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A Redditor named Claytontheman467 challenged their friend to beat the Tree Sentinel in Limgrave before progressing through Elden Ring. It took their friend 6 hours, but they finally managed to defeat the boss and shared the clip of their victory. They barely made it, as one more hit from the Tree Sentinel would’ve ended the fight, and they were entirely out of Flasks of Crimson Tears. After maintaining distance and carefully dodging his attacks, Claytontheman467’s friend finally defeated the Tree Sentinel after 6 hours.

Many users commend the player’s patience, but Claytontheman467 mentions that their friend may not play Elden Ring anymore as they seem to jump from game to game. Some players also discuss the pros and cons of light rolling and medium rolling in Elden Ring. The user is playing as Vagabond in Elden Ring, but they don’t have any starting armor equipped. The Heater Shield offers 100% physical protection, which was undoubtedly crucial in this fight. Additionally, the player uses Vagabond’s starting Halberd, and not the Longsword, for extended range.

Beating the Tree Sentinel boss before continuing the game is a difficult task, but many players took it as a challenge and similarly spent hours trying to defeat him. As an example, Twitch streamer Atrioc spent 7 hours fighting the Tree Sentinel before gaining victory.

While it may prove difficult to beat the Tree Sentinel with the starting weapons, some players have developed strategies for this boss after spending considerable time with the game. One Elden Ring player defeated the Tree Sentinel in just one hit, although they had to use several items and weapon skills to make it happen.

Elden Ring is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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