DUI suspect arrested after chase in Parkland

A 43-year-old man suspected of driving impairment was arrested after a chase Tuesday night in Parkland.

At about 9:57 pm, a Pierce County sheriff’s patrol sergeant spotted a pickup truck without taillights and a license plate on Steele Street South and followed the driver as he showed signs of impairment, deputies said.

Authorities said that when the sergeant turned on his patrol lights, the truck driver sped off, resulting in a seven-minute pursuit.

Deputies spike strips that impacted a tire on the truck, causing sparks. They said the man nearly T-boned a patrol car.

Deputies said while the truck was still moving, the driver and a 34-year-old female passenger hopped out at Violet Meadow Street South and C Street South and ran.

The woman was found within minutes, law enforcement said.

Deputies said that while interviewing the woman, she told them the driver’s name and said he was hiding at his mother’s home, which was located in the 11400 block of Park Avenue South.

Deputies found the man at his mother’s home and arrested him when he came out after being holed up for about 90 minutes.

While he was having his blood drawn at a hospital to test for impairment, deputies said he commented that he thought they could not chase him.

The man, who had warrants for burglary and driving under the influence, was booked into jail for DUI and eluding.

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