Dragon Age 4 Quality Assurance Workers Are Applying To Form a Union

A group of quality assurance testers working on Dragon Age 4 filed an application to unionise.

The employees, who work directly with developer BioWare but as contractors of supporting company Keywords Studios, are attempting to unionize over issues of poor pay, a return to work mandate, and more.

An anonymous source told Kotaku that Keyword employees would have to return to their Alberta-based office on May 9 despite cases of COVID-19 slowly rising since the start of April.

Keyword employees would not be entitled to sick pay if they had to quarantine as a result of COVID-19, the source said, while BioWare employees are allowed to work from home completely.

The return to work ruling was seemingly the final straw for the 15-20 QA testers who allegedly are already subject to poor pay. The source said some employees are being paid $16.50 Canadian dollars per hour – $12.82 US dollars – which is significantly less than identical roles carried out by full BioWare employees.

Other issues were raised including gender-pay discrimination, a lack of useful performance evaluations, and a hostile response to unionizing efforts.

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