Darren Waller: “There’s no trade that’s going to happen”

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A recent report suggested that the Raiders may trade tight end Darren Waller to the Packers. In response, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr said there’s “no chance” that will happen.

Appearing Wednesday night on CBS Sports Radio with Zach Gelb, Waller basically said the same thing.

“I’ve had talks with the team, and they said this is not a thing that’s happeningWaller said. “There’s no trade that’s going to happen.”

That’s as clear as it gets. So if there were any trade talks, it sounds as if those talks have ended and Waller will stay with the Raiders.

That said, we know by now how fluid the NFL can be. If, for example, the Packers are unable to get the pass catchers they’re targeting in the 2022 draft, maybe they come calling again. If they were even calling in the first place.

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