DaBaby Releases Video of Assault Victim After Being Charged with Felony Battery

It seems wherever DaBaby goes, trouble is to follow. Days after a new video put his “self-defense” Wal-Mart shooting in question, DaBaby is charged with felony battery after the beating of property manager Gary Pagar.

In December, Pagar rented DaBaby’s LA mansion for a music video. According to TMZ, DaBaby and Pagar agreed to only have a maximum of 12 guests during his tenure. The manager would visit and found as many as 40 people on the property.

In a video, Pagar was assaulted by one of DaBaby’s crew, Thankgod Awute, who also took the man’s cell phone. Awute is now charged with felony robbery.

In response, DaBaby hit Twitter to release another video of the incident.

“Y’all keep beliving these type of people & helping em assassinate my character y’all might as well get a rope & help him hang my black ass on a tree,” DaBaby wrote.

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