‘Corporate Blanka’ and ‘Gym Sakura’ are coming to Fortnite on April 28, 2022

Street Fighter’s Ryu and Chun-Li has previously made guest appearances in Epic Games’ Fortnite series. Some time later, Cammy and Guile also became “playable” in the popular Battle Royale game.

To help celebrate the 35th anniversary for Capcom’s Street Fighter series, two more characters are temporarily coming to Fortnite — Blanka and Sakura. What’s interesting is that both characters are getting alternate costumes in addition to their iconic default looks. Blanka’s alternate costume is particularly unique as it hasn’t appeared as an alternate costume in a Street Fighter title before (but it totally should).

For his alternate appearance, Blanka can be seen wearing a corporate suit. He’s also wearing sunglasses and has his wild hair tied back.

It’s strange but also awesome to see Blanka looking so professional. While Blanka is normally hunched over, he appears to be standing upright and adjusting his tie in his promotional artwork.

According to Epic Games, “Corporate Blanka” is actually inspired by Rival Schools’ Bowman Delgado. The outfit is also equipped with a built-in “Blanka Backflip Emote.”

It’s also stated that the Blanka outfit will also allow players to use the “Blanka-Chan Back Bling” and the “Tropical Hazard Kebab Pickaxe.”

As for Sakura, she’ll come with her default schoolgirl appearance and the “Sakura Gym alt style” that debuted in Street Fighter 4. Like Cammy’s default appearance, Sakura’s gym alternate covers a bit more than what’s normal in Street Fighter 4.

The Sakura outfit will also come with the Hanakaze Claw Back Bling. Players can also acquire the Fighting Tournament Trophy Pickaxe and Kayari Buta Glider, which are both seemingly themed around Sakura.

Notably, it’s been reported that the Sakura outfit will have a built-in victory sway emote. This animation has often served as one of Sakura’s victory animations in certain Street Fighter titles.

While looking at Blanka and Sakura’s built-in emotes, the themes for Blanka and Sakura can be heard.

These Street Fighter elements are coming to Fortnite on April 28, 2022.

Sakura and Blanka in Fortnite image #1

Sakura and Blanka in Fortnite image #2

Sakura and Blanka in Fortnite image #3

Sakura and Blanka in Fortnite image #4

Sakura and Blanka in Fortnite image #5

Sakura and Blanka in Fortnite image #6

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