CNN’s Fareed Zakaria claims Russia invasion of Ukraine ‘is a much bigger deal than 9/11’

‘s appeared on Thursday where he laid out why he believes the global repercussions of Russia’s of Ukraine will be greater than that of the unlike 9/11 terrorist attack on the US One reason is because 9/11, in which the US was attacked by a stateless group of terrorists, the Ukraine war involves an aggressor that is a on the global stage.

“What we are seeing is the return of great-power politics in the world after a 30 year holiday. That is a seismic event. This is a much bigger deal than 9/11,” Zakaria said. “Because 9/11 was a band of thugs. All the governments of the world were against them. Eventually they were able to crush those kind of terrorist. Here what you have is, the most powerful nuclear power in the world is threatening to use that kind of strength, even to use nuclear weapons to tear up the rules of the road that have governed international relations since 1945.”

We’ve taken sides now on this, I think we’re on the right side.Fareed Zakaria

Zakaria said that the international rules that have mostly been respected since the end of WWII, at least in terms of trying to take over another country, have now been broken, and that the world has changed on a massive scale. This comes as Russia to invade Moldova if they’re successful in Ukraine.

“No change of borders by force. No massive acquisitions of territory. All these rules have been thrown out of the window,” Zakaria said. “We really have to recognize, we are in a new world, and I think the Biden administration is doing exactly the right thing in recognizing the scale of the problem, the scale of the stakes involved.”

The US and other nations have already given billions of dollars worth of aid to Ukraine, and requested an for the cause, which some believe is asking too much. But Zakaria believes it is absolutely necessary.

“We’ve taken sides now on this, I think we’re on the right side. We cannot afford to lose,” Zakaria said. “And if that means Ukraine needs 10, 20, 30, 33 billion dollars more in aid, well, the alternative is that wins, the western democracies lose.”

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