Central Kentucky coroner facing federal theft charges will plead guilty, records show

Scott County Coroner John Goble, who is facing multiple charges for conspiracy to commit theft, plans to plead guilty in federal court next week, according to court records.

Goble and his attorneys filed a motion for re-arraignment for the purposes of pleading guilty on April 22, according to court documents. The motion was approved five days later and he’s due in court on May 11. Goble and prosecutors have reached a plea agreement, according to a motion filed by Goble’s attorney. That plea agreement has not yet been made available in federal court records.

Goble couldn’t immediately be reached for comment Monday.

Goble and former Kentucky State Police trooper Michael Crawford were indicted on March 18, 2021 on two counts of conspiracy to commit theft. The alleged indictment that Goble, a former state trooper himself, and Crawford conspired with another state trooper to illegally obtain weapons and ammunition that belonged to state police.

According to the indictment, Crawford asked a state trooper to “give him various calibers and gauges of ammunition” multiple times during the conspiracy, which lasted from 2014-2018. Goble discussed the availability of ammunition with the state trooper and, on several occasions, picked up ammunition from the trooper.

The ammunition was stored in the basement of Goble’s office, according to the indictment. Goble had an employee move the ammunition from the office base to Goble’s home in December 2017, according to the indictment.

An internal investigation by state police found that more than $40,000 in ammunition had been unlawfully removed from the state police Supply Branch in Frankfort and delivered to Goble’s residence, police said.

Goble and Crawford also met with a state trooper in 2017 to purchase select guns that were going to be reserve surplus and sold by state police, according to the indictment. The internal investigation revealed that Goble received three M1A rifles and 10 Remington shotguns which a state trooper illegally obtained from state police, the indictment said.

Goble also was indicted in state court on charges of two counts of receiving stolen property, two counts of official misconduct, abuse of public trust, possession of a controlled substance and perjury, according to court records.

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