Cambria/Quest Pro Price ‘Significantly’ Higher Than $800

The next VR headset from Meta should be priced significantly higher than $800, a spokesperson for the company wrote to UploadVR over email.

The headset is currently known as Project Cambria and it is expected to ship later this year as a high-end work-focused headset that is also compatible with Quest games. Our independent confirmation of the high price target for the headset — which has been alluded to previously as Quest Pro — comes in the wake of a report by The Information (subscription required) which cited “two people familiar with the matter” as saying Meta targeted $799 for the headset, alongside sources indicating Meta plans three additional VR headsets to release by 2024.

Meta recently described Project Cambria as “more focused on work use cases and eventually replacing your laptop or work setup” with “improved ergonomics and full color passthrough mixed reality to seamlessly blend virtual reality with the physical world. We’re also building in eye tracking and face tracking so that your avatar can make eye contact and facial expressions, which improves your sense of presence.” The headset is expected to use pancake lenses for a slimmer front-end on the design, and Cambria’s controllers are expected to track themselves.

The Information’s report suggests Meta aims to follow Quest 2, which starts at $299, with “two new versions” in 2023 and 2024 as well as a second version of Cambria in 2024. A previous report from The Verge dived deep into Meta’s AR glasses development and detailed those plans into the latter part of the decade. Meta is also working on wrist-worn neural input devices as well as the Portal video calling appliances, with the company likely to align its products with one another over successive generations so that buyers have reasons to purchase multiple pieces of Meta hardware.

Of course, the timelines Meta actually lands on for its devices as well as the features and prices targeted in the forthcoming eyewear could still shift as the company develops its product roadmaps further.

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