Billie Eilish Says Her Childhood Crush Was Buffy, And Sarah Michelle Gellar Responds

It seems that Spike wasn’t the only “Bad Guy” who had a thing for Buffy Summers.

Billie Eilish was asked Wednesday by a fan on Instagram who her childhood celebrity crush was. In response, the “Happier Than Ever” singer posted an image to her Instagram Story that included the fan’s question alongside a photo of Sarah Michelle Gellar in her titular role in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” — stake and all.

It seems when Gellar got word that Eilish was struck by Cupid’s crossbow while watching her in the beloved series, Gellar made it a point to let the Grammy winner know she had a ton of love for her as well.

“I’m dead. That’s all.” Gellar wrote in a post on Instagram. “I’m not a child anymore, but I totally have a crush on @billieeilish Ok… now that’s really all.”

Gellar’s response seemed to be everything she wanted, because Eilish shared it in a new Instagram story with the words “um oh my god.”

Gellar isn’t the only celebrity to gush about their love for Eilish. Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters has also sung her praises recently, saying that her music is “rock ‘n’ roll” to me.

Well, it now seems clear what inspired Eilish’s rocker-like bad-assery.


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