Android Auto 7.6 is now rolling out

Google is rolling out a fresh update to Android Auto, bumping the app update to version 7.6 for all Android users.

While the specific version number tends to vary by device, Android Auto 7.6 is the latest notable update to the service, arriving roughly a month after the 7.5 update. The update started rolling out last week, but as of this weekend seems to have rolled out widely to all users.

The Android Auto app is usually pre-installed on modern Android smartphones but gets its updates from the Play Store rather than full system updates. While this app lacks any support for showing a car-friendly experience on your phone’s screen, it’s necessary to run the experience in supported cars. You’ll need the Android Auto app installed, and preferably up-to-date, to run Android Auto over a wired or wireless connection.

Sometimes, Android Auto updates will deliver major new features or fixes to the platform, but others are more minor. A major number bump, like v8.0, would certainly signify a major update. 0.1 updates, however, tend to be more on the minor side.

While we’re waiting eagerly for Google’s next redesign to Android Auto, version 7.6 does not seem to deliver that overhaul. Rather, this update is likely rolling out to squash bugs with apps, Google Assistant, and other portions of the Android Auto experience. If we had to take a guess, it might Also be assisting in the rollout of quick replies, which started showing up for beta users last week.

Quick Replies might roll out more widely with Android Auto 7.6

The Google Play Store may have already updated your Android Auto app automatically in the background, but if not you can click here to check for updates manually.

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