AMD RDNA3 GPUs get new toned down specifications, Navi 31 with up to 12288 Stream Processors

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Rumored specs of RDNA3 architecture has changed

According to Greymon55, the internal structure of the Navi 3X GPUs might be different from previously reported.

Not 15360 Stream Processor but 12288 for Navi 31 GPU, the flagship processor of the upcoming RDNA3 series. This means that the 92 TFLOPS claim from a few days ago is either wrong, or there is something else that we do not know about yet.

The Navi 31 with 6 Shader Engines, 12 Shader Arrays and 48 Work Group Processors would ship with up to 12288 Stream Processors, that’s a reduction of 20% in core count compared to previously rumored 15360 cores. The same applies to Navi 32, which instead of 10240 cores would ship with 8192 Stream Processors. For the Navi 31 this means 4096 cores instead of 5192, but it should be noted that lower core count was mentioned by Greymon55 before.

With the updated Navi 31 specs, the rumored TFLOPS would drop to 73 TFLOPS, and that’s assuming 3.0 GHz GPU clock. We still do not have any leaks or rumors on the Navi 32 and 33 clocks speeds, though.

One should remember that we are still months away from the launch of new 3rd Gen Navi GPUs. This is, however, the first major update to the rumored specs that have been shared for more than a year. So unless there are other reliable sources claiming otherwise, we will assume that those specs are closer to final.

Furthermore, the specs posted below only represent the full GPU configuration, which may not be guaranteed at launch for the 7900/7700/7600 series. AMD may choose to lower the specs for each GPU to increase the yields for its Radeon RX 7000 graphics cards.

Rumored Specs of AMD RDNA3 GPUs
Fabrication Node TSMC 5nm + 6nm TSMC 5nm + 6nm TSMC 6nm
GPU Package Multi-Chip-Module (MCM) Multi-Chip-Module (MCM) Monolithic
Estimated GPU Size ~800 mm² (or more) TBC ~440 mm²
Graphics Dies 2 2 1
Shader Engines 6 4 2
Shader Arrays 12 8 4
RDNA Workgroups (WGP) 60 → 48 40 → 32 20 → 16
Compute Units 120 → 96 80 → 64 40 → 32
Stream Processors 15360 → 12288 10240 → 8192 5120 → 4096
GPU Clock ~3.0 GHz TBC TBC
Memory & Bus GDDR6 256-bit GDDR6 192-bit GDDR6 128-bit
Infinity cache 256 – 512MB 256 – 384MB 128 – 256MB
Release Q3/Q4 2022 Q3/Q4 2022 Q1 2023
Rumored SKU Radeon RX 7900XT Radeon RX 7700XT Radeon RX 7600XT
FP32 Performance ~ 92 → 73 TFLOPS TBC TBC
All information is based on rumors

Source: Greymon55, Kepler_L2

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