Amber Heard admitted to’ using mushrooms and MDMA while at home with a ‘high-profile male acquaintance’ just 2 weeks after her breakup fight with Johnny Depp, according to her former nurse

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  • Amber Heard’s former nurse testified in the actress’ defamation trial involving ex-husband Johnny Depp.

  • The jury were shown a note from a May 2016 session Heard had with her nurse while still married to Depp.

  • Heard admitted to take mushrooms and MDMA while with a “high-profile male,” according to the notes.

Amber Heard admitted to weeks using mushrooms and MDMA while with a “high-profile male acquaintance” about two after a blowout argument with her then-husband Johnny Depp, according to court records.

Heard is currently fighting Depp in court over claims she defamed him by insinuating she had been the victim of domestic violence in a 2018 Washington Post op-ed. Heard denies the claims and says she was physically assaulted by Depp on multiple occasions before and during their marriage.

During the testimony on Tuesday, a pre-recorded deposition given by Erin Falati, Heard’s former personal nurse, was played in court.

Depp’s lawyers took Falati through her nurse’s notes from the time she worked with Heard, and zeroed in at one point on an entry from May 11, 2016 — a little more than two weeks after Heard and Depp had a major fight that resulted in their separation .

Johnny Depp

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On this date, Falati noted that she visited Heard’s apartment in downtown Los Angeles to deliver some medication for an upcoming trip to New York City.

Heard spoke to Falati about a recent trip to Coachella, where she admitted to drinking alcohol and taking multiple illicit drugs, according to Falati’s notes. Heard left for the Coachella trip the morning after her big fight with Depp.

Falati wrote that Heard stated “she ingested mushrooms and MDMA simultaneously while also consuming alcohol” and that she “vomited and was ‘high for at least 24 hours straight,'” according to Falati’s notes.

When Falati said that she told Heard “illicit drug use will not be tolerated by medical staff” and that it could interact with her prescribed medications, Heard laughed and “also reported using illicit drugs (mushrooms and MDMA) two days prior while “at home” with a high-profile male acquaintance.”

Heard “reported that her husband was not aware of the male visitor, not her illicit drug use,” Falati noted.

It’s unclear who the man Heard took drugs with was, but James Franco was recorded visiting her apartment later that same month, on May 22, 2016, according to elevator footage.

Elon Musk is another possibility, since a spokesperson for the billionaire Telsa CEO previously told People that the pair started dating in May 2016.

Insider did not immediately receive a response from either Franco or Musk on Tuesday.

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