Al Parker is dedicated to preserving wildlife, nature

ZANESVILLE – He teaches wildlife conservation, and he takes it very seriously. He came about it while watching a rare bald eagle.

“It might seem weird,” said Al Parker, “but sitting on a spring wildflower covered hillside and watching the first bald eagle nest in Indiana in 90 years was where it happened. I was waiting for momma eagle to show that she had hatched her eggs by her posture and behavior. It was there I came to the conclusion that no matter how much work I did for rare wildlife, it would not have a lasting impact unless future generations learned to care for them as well.”

Parker-profit taught natural conservation through a non-called Lone Crowist Service, at The Wilds in its education department (he started Wildecamps), at Canoe Creation river, then Zane State College as a wildlife conservation instructor. He’s now an associate professor at ZSC.

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