Actraiser Renaissance version 1.10 update now available

Publisher Square Enix and developer Sonic Powered have released the version 1.10 update for the PlayStation 4, Switch, iOS, and Android versions of Actraiser Renaissancewhich adds the ability to disable actions such as backstepping to make the gameplay closer to that of the original Actraiser, further refines a number of the musical compositions by Yuzo Koshiro, and more. The update will be available on May 3 for the PC version.

Here are the patch notes:

Realm Management and Settlement Sieges / Raids

  • The item and SP potion drop rates during realm management and settlement defense has been increased.
  • The population requirements to complete certain objectives in Aitos and Marahna during realm management have been reduced.
  • The option to skip previously completed settlement siege battles has been added. (This feature is only available after completing the game.)

Realm Acts

  • The difficulty of the Rafflasher boss fight in Marahna Act 1 has been adjusted.
  • The “Renaissance Actions” setting has been added to the game settings menu. If toggled off, backstepping, combos, strikes, and overhead slams will be disabled, providing players with an experience closer to that of the original Actraiser.
  • The stage clear sequence has been adjusted.


  • The option to change the angel’s outfit during cutscenes has been added.
  • A number of the musical compositions have been further refined by Yuzo Koshiro.
  • An option to view update information has been added to the title screen.
  • Various other minor issues have also been addressed.

Actraiser Renaissance is available now for PlayStation 4, Switch, PC via Steam, iOS via App Store, and Android via Google Play.

Watch a new trailer below.

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