A ‘highly venomous’ snake was in a home office in Florida. Then the police arrived

We’ve seen a lot of videos of first responders wrangling snakes in Florida. But rarely do they come with a soundtrack.

The Boynton Beach Police Department showed off the heroics of one of his own last week.

A post on the agency’s Facebook page includes bodycam footage of the brave capture the evening of April 20, set to inspirational music.

The clip starts by showing us a messy home office, with boxes, bags, computer equipment and papers spread on the floor.

One uniformed officer maneuvers the end of a broomstick poking at a striped snake hiding in a corner next to the desk. The other officer, wearing bodycam, is holding an empty, large cardboard box.

The unwanted visitor wiggles after being poked, but is eventually guided into the box, which is on its side. Hall then closes the box with blue duct tape and, then, smiling proudly, carts the reptile away.

The caption says that the cop who did the heavy lifting in the capture of the “highly venomous” coral snake was Officer Harold Hall.

To give you some idea of ​​his courage involved in this call: According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, this species’ venom is the most potent of any snake in North America. The only snake that has stronger venom than the coral is the black mamba.

But apparently. Hall was the perfect man for the job: He “grew up with snakes, loves reptiles and pretty much anything to do with the outdoors and nature,” said the Boynteen Beach police post.

Hall ended up “re-homing” (relocating) the animal in a nearby park.

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