15 targets have been terminated

Valentyna Romanenko – Thursday, 28 April 2022, 23:54 The Armed Forces of Ukraine hit 15 air targets of the Russian aggressors on Thursday, April 28. Source: Air Force Command Spokesman, Yurii Ihnat on Facebook Quote: “On April 28, the enemy increased its forces and assets both on the ground and in the sky. “Five such missiles – ‘Kalibr’ and ‘X’ types – have been shot down over the past 24 hours. The enemy has also increased the presence of UAVs in Ukrainian airspace, which our Air Defense continues to successfully terminate. 9 drones have been hit: 7 of the ‘Orlan-10’ type and two of an unidentified type.” “An Air Force anti-aircraft missile unit shot down another ‘Su-34’ fighter-bomber in the Kharkiv region.” Details: Thus, a total of 15 air targets were hit on April 28: – 1 aircraft (SU-34); – 5 cruise missiles; – 9 UAVs. Air Force aircraft continue to perform special tasks in Ukrainian airspace.

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